Is Diddy dating Joie Chavis? Steamy touch with long-term and Bow Wow’s youngster mama runs viral

Is Diddy dating Joie Chavis? Steamy touch with long-term and Bow Wow’s youngster mama runs viral

Diddy might not getting dating Joie Chavis, after getting linked with Yung Miami and Lori Harvey over the years

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Diddy was reportedly touring in Italy to attend his or her girl’ Dolce & Gabbana program, but that is not totally all he had been as much as. Caught in paparazzi photographs, the rapper transformed record creator am spotted getting relaxing with the one and only long-term and Bow Wow’s kids mama, Joie Chavis. The passionate picture of Diddy smooching Chavis had been sufficient to ignite conjectures encompassing the nature regarding partnership, but social media marketing clearly didn’t visit that. Looking heavy into every one of their own relations past, people agreed Diddy will be the greatest CLB a€” aka licensed lover-boy deciding on not absolutely all that long ago he was envisioned with another sensation of rap a€” Yung Miami.

Not too long ago, Diddy received earned headlines after he acquired roasted for expressing wake up with ’15 roaches’ on his or her face influenced your. Social websites likewise presumed the rapper’s sex in Summer, wondering if he had been homosexual simply for promoting fellow artist Lil Nas times’s onstage hug in the decision prizes. Aided by the rapper garnering huge internet interest for easy trivial issues, it’s actually not stunning that pics of him or her waking up, turn off, and private with Chavis have already been capable stir really the news. Mainly those wondering who Chavis is definitely, read on to discover.

Who’s going to be Joie Chavis?

Chavis first arrived to the spotlight through them partnership with artist bow-wow. Since then she gets additionally founded herself as a model, business person and social media marketing personality. With over 2 million fans on Instagram, Chavis maintains the woman lovers refreshed on which’s preparing a€” figuratively and essentially a€” fairly positively. Sprayed with alluring shots of this model sizzling bikini footage that slimmer her curves the ideal amount, Chavis possesses learned the art of social networks fame professionally.

Chavis is definitely woman to bow-wow’s girl Shai Moss, who the couple received in 2011. Earlier she also outdated artist upcoming, with whom she welcomed her children Hendrix Wilburn in 2018. Chavis was in big determined relations with both emcees, but features frequently started slammed as a gold digger online dating rappers and achieving youngsters all of them for cash.

She bashed those states on a Q&A appointment to be with her YouTube route, Joie In Life, saying: a€?[many people say], a€?Oh, shea€™s a gold-digger,a€™ or, a€?Shea€™s merely using these toddlers to protected a bag. I usually have fought since I had been 15 years earlier. We dona€™t really know what ita€™s will simply not do anything. So, I presume thata€™s the actual largest false impression, it certainly doesna€™t make the effort myself at all. Those that see me personally recognize, definitely, Ia€™m much more than that. We demonstrate that in my steps. We dona€™t really need to cry it out. We reveal that in my actions and how hard I manage.”

Happens to be Diddy internet dating Chavis?

In accordance with the popular superstar gossip outlet The Shade place, pictures of Diddy and Chavis are consumed in Capri as being the two at ease on a yatch. Diddy experienced initially visited view his daughters try to walk the ramp during the Dolce & Gabbana show in Venice, but they themselves sizzled with relationship cozying up with Chavis as pictures showcase the two chuckling, hugging, smooching and “talking intimately” within their siesta.

While there have been no verification a€” official or in any manner a€” regarding two’s romance status, Diddy is fairly firm with Bow Wow way too, that has became available earlier on this current year that he learned to be an improved family members boyfriend since Diddy, the shop gives. Meanwhile, Diddy is also connected with Chavis’ intimate history with upcoming, just who outdated Lori Harvey a while in 2020 and Lori and Diddy used to be together not long ago too. This offers trigger a complete various other recognition appealing for social media exactly who just can’t maintain calm how fast Diddy trip when it comes to enchanting liaisons. Or just how she’s showering every one of these lady with revenue that artisans finalized to their tag hope they were being showered with rather.

“So Lori Harvey familiar with meeting Future and Bu Thiam, who’re likewise Joie Chavisa€™ exes. Joie has actually babies with outlook, who also has children with Ciara, and Joie also offers a newborn with bow-wow, that regularly meeting Ciara. And from now on Joie is to use Diddy, that familiar with date Lori Harvey. Ita€™s loads ya€™all,” had written one owner on Youtube. Another announced: “DIDDY AND JOIE?! precisely what a fucking land perspective!”

Some quipped: “This boyfriend Diddy undefeated prospect around cheerful rn”. Rest joked: “Diddy end up being paying money on the girls than on his musicians and artists. Move Joie !” They weren’t the particular types, as another announce a meme and published: “Diddy a€?s singer whenever they see him investing in these women rather than on them”. Diddy lovers in addition lent guy artist Drake’s remarkably popular record concept CLB to name Diddy “fasho the #CLB OF THE YEAR.” One got belonging to the opinion that “Diddy keeps your a PYT. I am hoping they understands hea€™s a sugar father at this stage”; PYT however implies fairly young factor.