I am perhaps perhaps not ugly (in line with the good individuals into the current picture thread with good hygiene

I am perhaps perhaps not ugly (in line with the good individuals into the current picture thread with good hygiene

Gown feeling, and fundamental grooming practices. I am a bit quiet in that I do not invest on a regular basis giggling and speaking like the majority of girls my age (22), but I’m able to truly hold personal in a sensible discussion. I’ve no self-esteem issues or daddy problems or “issues” of any sort, actually (except with individuals whom utilize the non-word “anyways, ” but that is why i am a doper, right? ).

Maybe Not ugly? NOT UNATTRACTIVE?!: eek: (Glee pours ice cool water over their mind) Why you(and that means a lot coming from a shy nerd) Even your anthropomorphic guardian wouldn’t bother me if I weren’t so old, I’d actually talk to.: confused:

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Moving forward, as other posters have stated, us nerdy types current difficulties that are several

– we now have no concept when you are flirting in us anyway) – we have no experience of keeping up our end (so to speak) – we have specialised interests with us(and tend not to believe such a gorgeous woman could be interested

If you just like the look of 1 of us:

– ensure it is blindingly obvious* that you’re interested – carefully explain everything you like and anticipate out from the relationship – just take a pastime within our interest (as they say)

*I posted this before, but it bears saying. Me a few times when I was a lad, an pleasant, intelligent female went out with. It absolutely was good fun that is clean. 1 week, she advised we head out on Saturday. We apologised, saying I experienced to complete a chess exhibition that is simultaneous charity. No issue, she stated she’d come watching. So she viewed for 4 hours while we played chess. But i did not realise this meant anything! She married someone else so we drifted apart, and. My name is glee and I also’m a nerd.: smack:

Yeah, surely. After the opening salvo, you probably don’t want to keep firing if you just aren’t getting anything in return. The ice is meant to be broken; your whole damn pond is perhaps perhaps not allowed to be frozen. Er, some ice is thicker than others. Often it takes one or more or two swings utilizing the 8 pounder to obtain a crack that is substantial. Not every person is outgoing, socially adept, and comfortable in light conversation, ‘specially the mooks who have spent a lot more of their life reading publications or in a lab than during the singles club or the activities industries.

That said, in the event that mope continues to not react past your persistence degree, and particularly if he responds but only takes it as a way to boast about himself and/or speak about their material without advancing any curiosity about your passions, then by all means proceed. There’s no need certainly to foster that type or form of narcissism. However, if you have a preliminary interest, a little more patience/persistance/light physical violence could be in an effort.

Oh, and I second the suggestion that is touching. Perhaps not a backrub (at the very least, perhaps maybe not initially. That kinda sends the incorrect sign. ) But pressing the forearm or neck? Yes, undoubtedly.

An added thing of note (according to your TM images): you form of have the Jodie Foster thing going there, and even though that isn’t a bad thing (after all, it is maybe not thing) you will do look only a little. Disapproving when you are perhaps not smiling. Is in reality extremely pretty (at the very least to those of us with librarian fetishes: D ), but may be intimidating to a man attempting to choose to approach you. Whenever you smile, though (thump-skip-thump) it really is charming, ‘specially that type of bashful, demure look you have got within the image while watching ocean. And attention contact is all well and good, however a small shyness–glancing away a bit, or permitting your bangs type of autumn across your eyes as soon as in a while–might convey that you are just like stressed whilst the man is (even although you’re perhaps not).

That is all I got. Org understands i am aware what realy works I have less than a clue as to how it works the other way on me, but.